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Meet Jon, he’s a 26-year-old software programmer and works for a large international programming company. He loves his Job and what he does, he works at a shared work station in an open planned office space on the 25th floor of one of the main modern CBD Buildings.

It’s 3pm on Thursday and it is 24°c in the office. Jon is feeling and wishing that it was 6:00pm, and all he can hear is everything everyone else is saying, he can’t think straight because of the Noise: the laughter, or the chit chat that his colleagues keep making.

Jon’s manager is asking him to finish a critical task before the days out, and he can’t focus on his work because of the continual noise that’s distracting him.

How can we help Jon?

Isn’t the open space the perfect office?

Then why is the open space the “ideal solution” if you can’t focus, make effective calls and get the real deal done?

The open space has many reasons for its evolution and tidal increase across the spectrum of many corporates. Accepted and identified as the way forward, it’s been taken on from banking corporations to science and investigation organisations.

This intriguing evolution has taken place for a multitude of reasons, we will give you some of the Key fundamental truths behind this change:

Due to an increase in millennials presence in the work environment, offices are becoming more and more acoustic sensitive, investing in co-working space, private training rooms, collaborative layouts and broken down spaces that achieve a better and healthier place for organisations employees to thrive in.

According to a study by the University of Sydney, approximately 50 percent of employees in open offices say the lack of sound privacy is the most frustrating aspect of their work environment.

So what is “The Distracted Feeling?”

Noise is the biggest problem in offices because it reduces our ability to concentrate. The most common source of noise is your colleagues speaking on the phone or a group having a chat nearby. As social beings, humans are attuned to man-made sounds. All you need is a small stimulus that catches your brain, a familiar word, annoying laughter and the concentration is lost.

The key to providing an acoustic solution is through Acoustic Office Pods, . Both Framery O and Framery Q provide a comprehensive solution to the common acoustic problems created in the open planned workspace. Providing a low investment solution with a upside advantage of being fully modular and demountable.

The Story of the Framery Phone Booths is one that talks for itself:

The founders of Framery were constantly being distracted by their boss talking loudly on his cell phone. This made it extremely hard to focus on demanding tasks. “Well, get me a phone booth,” he said. This is how Framery started in 2010.

In Framery We design and manufacture soundproof phone booths and meeting pods for open offices to eliminate noise and to help you concentrate. Time to make your office smart!

23 agosto, 2017

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