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How can the Flot partitioning system achieve such a high level of acoustic performance in your commercial office, educational centre or laboratory?

The secret to its success is in the highly resolved and engineered aluminium extrusions, pvc co-extruded beads, comprehensive door frames and the consistency of the glass to aluminium adhesions.

The Flot partitioning system is a high end comprehensive partitioning system that integrates both glass panels, solid panels and doors into a fully modular system that’s customized for both the educational, commercial and hospitality Industries.

A standard double glazed partitioning system will never effectively achieve over 43 rw. So how does Flot achieve such high levels of acoustic performance?

Where common acoustic partition walls rely on an acoustic wall solution and a separately designed door solution, and hope for the best with the junction between the two, Flot has the great benefit of having been sound tested as an entire assembly, including the door, which guarantees performance of the whole installation.  

23 agosto, 2017

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