OZ Global is a Family owned
International contract furniture company.
Our philosofy is very simple.
Good Life is Good Choice.

We help our clients add value to there real estate, interior design and lives by products that create great spaces.
We do this through empowerment, strategy,
team work, creativity and great project managment.

OZ Global is a dynamic company. It is a strategic fusion of experience and young energy. OZ Gobal is built up on great people, great soul values and hard work.

Founded by Jason Pittock We came from humble beginnings but have expanded every year. and we will continue too. We strive to grow, to exceed our stakeholder’s expectations and be different, be unique...

We currently have offices in Sydney (Australia), Buenos Aires (Argentina) and partners in New York, London and Madrid.

OUR VISION IS: continually we will add-value to our client’s lifestyles and environments, sustained by our quality core values: Communication, flexibility and Transparency.